Advantages of Sustainable Furniture

Advantages of Sustainable Furniture

Advantages of Sustainable Furniture

At The Origins Galeria, Medellin, all of our products are made from ethically sourced, sustainable materials.  We pride ourselves on our environmental ethos however, there are many more advantages to using reclaimed or recycled items.

Firstly, our pieces look stunning. We have created quality furniture using wood that was recycled from traditional Balinese fishing boats.  Through thoughtful design and craftsmanship we have maintained the original colours to brilliant effect, creating unique pieces with textures, character and charm not found in mass produced goods.  

Other examples of our recycled products include beautiful teak tables and chairs recycled from a disused farmhouse barn discovered on the island of Bali, Indonesia.  This durable, versatile material can be used indoors or outdoors and the natural oils and rubbers protect the wood so treatment is not necessary.  

In order for teak to be imported from Indonesia it must receive rainforest certification as defined by the government of Indonesia. The Origins Galeria takes a special pride in only using a small amount of farmed teak with the majority of our products sourced from reclaiming, recycling and using natural deadfall.

Despite our products’ incredible aesthetics and durability they represent exceptional value comparative to factory produced furniture of similar specifications. This is due to the lower cost of raw materials and cost efficiencies of using smaller production sites with fewer overheads. 

There are also health and further environmental benefits to supporting sustainable furniture production.  A number of potentially harmful chemicals are used in mass production, most notably, formaldehyde.  Through choosing sustainable and recycling processes, we do not expose our customers to such chemicals.  Plus our suppliers minimise the amount of air pollution associated with production and by using fewer raw materials they conserve precious natural resources as well as energy.

We love the way our sustainable furniture and decorations look and feel in our gallery so why not pay us a visit to find inspiration for your home.

Written By Adam Reeve