Interior design

Interior design

Interior design is defined as the art or process of designing the interior decoration of a room or building.  There are many people who feel they have a natural flare for this art form and with an increase in the number of people choosing this as their vocation there are now more universities than ever before offering degrees in interior design.  

For centuries, the exotic has been sought from Asia and not just in the culinary and textile worlds but in the world of interior design as well. Chinese Ming vases, Japanese tatami rooms and the use of bamboo and orchids are all aesthetics we have seen imitated in interior design circles but they are just a scratch on the surface of what the continent has to offer.  Our quality products are imported from Bali and Java, Indonesia and not only do they display the fantastic craftsmanship of our producers but they also provide excellent examples of Asian design.

Asian design is popular for two main reasons: modern city lives are stressful and nature starved.  People are therefore craving simple, calm and nature focused design in their homes and hotels.  Asian elemental focused design featuring water, wood and plants has therefore become popular.  We like to think of our gallery as an oasis in the midst of a bustling district here in Medellin.  Here we marry traditional Asian sculptures with both the modern and more rustic designs of our sustainably sourced furniture.

Now more so than ever, interior designers are taking note of sustainable trends, recycling, upcycling and repurposing items.  These are trends close to our hearts and contribute to our ethos enabling us to make our pieces not just timeless from a design perspective but the durable nature of the materials we chooe means our products have extremely long lifespans.  

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Fusion is a word often used to describe a blend of influences and it would definitely be appropriate to do so for the potential interior design styles that one could take away from our gallery today.  Pairing a colourful recycled boat wood table with a bonsai tree (pictured) or mounting a piece of original artwork in an ornately carved Balinese frame (pictured) are just two examples of the virtually endless possibilities for a designer to explore.

For many Interior Designers the most important part of the job is predicting future trends to keep clients ahead of the curve.  If you are someone striving for total individuality in your latest project, then we have options available for you. We work with a team of highly talented designers and handmade furniture producers who would be only too happy to realise your visions using the recycled or ethically sourced materials we work with. You can simply pay us a visit or use any of the options on our contact page (internal link) to let us know what you would like to create. Otherwise you can visit our catalogue (internal link) for an up to date listing of the inspiring items we have available.

Written By Adam Reeve